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  • The Remapping Experts

    Get the most out of your vehicle by lifting the limitations applied by the manufacturer. Each remap which ECU Boost perform is unique and tailored to suit the specific vehicle which is being remapped.
  • Just Great Performance Enhancement

    All of our agents are experienced in remapping and do not alter any hardware on your vehicle. They enhance your car's performance via The ECU, which is a computer controlled device, accessed through the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics Port).
  • Servicing a Vast Range of Makes & Models

    We are continually updating the list of vehicles that we can service - If you don't see your make/model listed please get in-touch as we may still be able to remap it for you.

Chip Tuning & Remapping Experts

Our engine tuning service is quick and robust - it lifts restrictions which were put in-place on your vehicle by the manufacturer. Many people aren't even aware that these restrictions are in-place, restricting their car's performance, in-fact, these restrictions are present on almost all types of vehicle, from family cars and sports cars to tractors and other agricultural machinery. The restrictions are generally there to take into account factors such as owners not maintaining their vehicles to the use of sub-standard fuels. ECU remapping essentially unblocks some or all of these restrictions so that the remapped vehicle can perform as was originally intended, and to its full potential.

Just some of the advantages of ECU Boosting are:

  • Greater power output
  • Hightened responsiveness
  • Improved fuel economy
  • No increase in emissions

Furthermore, the lifetime of an engine is not reduced in anyway, and arguably, it actually increases your engine's lifespan. Each remap that ECU Boost undertakes is tailored to suit the subject vehicle, and as we connect remotely to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) through the on-board diagnostics port (OBD) it is truly a non-invasive procedure.

Overview: Why Upgrade Your ECU?

Increase Performance
Get an engine that responds much more keenly, when you apply the accelerator pedal, with greater power and torque.
Power Delivery
Benefit from smoother power delivery, making overtaking safer and driving in traffic easier with fewer gear changes.
True Potential
Most vehicles have been artificially limited to take into account less careful drivers and inadequate maintenance.
Improved Economy
Get better MPG during normal driving, bringing down fuel consumption and lestening your carbon footprint.

Featured products & Services:

Advanced Tuning Options
AdBlue removal, Alpha N-Maff removal, Immobiliser Defeat, LAMBDA Defeat, Stage 2-3 Software, V-MAX Removal etc…
Switchable System
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DSG Transmission Tuning
Small improvements made to you vehicle's DSG can return very large benefits to performance. Find out how we do it.
Diesel Particle Filters
Our services relating to a vehicle's DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) are wide-ranging and comprehensive. Find out how we can help.