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Company: About ECU Boost

Chip tuning and remapping specialists

ECU Boost are at the forefront of mobile Remapping and Chip Tuning in the UK. We help our customers gain up-to 50% more power and as much as 20% more mpg from their vehicles.

Our custom re-mapping and chip tuning methods allow us to service almost all modern ECU's found in today's vehicles and in doing so provide you with the very best results possible from your automobile. Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in all types of tuning, both mechanical and electronic. So, whether it is a re-map solely to increase performance, or to gain better economy or even a good balance of both, we can help you.

What's more, we have the very latest in engine tuning technology which allows us to offer you a re-map that will match your requirements. Not only will these bespoke, hi-tech remaps provide you with the best tuning solution available we are one of the most competitively priced companies on the market today.

As you may be aware, most makes and models from the year 2000 onwards can be re-mapped via the vehicle's OBD socket (diagnostically) to add to this we have the both knowledge and level of skill to be able to chip the older vehicles that are not remappable from the OBD.

Economy Tuning Service

Reduce your fuel bill by increasing your efficiency with our chip and tune services and products and get:
  1. Reduced emissions (subject to Vehicle type)
  2. Up-to 20% improvement on fuel economy
  3. Sharper throttle response
  4. Improvements to both power and torque
  5. Undetectable

Performance Tuning Service

Our performance tuning for both petrol and diesel vehicles, ECU Tuning, ECU remapping and Chip Tuning gives you:
  1. Much more power
  2. Increased torque
  3. Smoother, more progressive delivery of power
  4. Sharper, more responsive throttle
  5. Improvements to both power and torque
  6. Reliable and safe
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